Heaven’s Pets is available to transport your pet from your veterinarian, home or emergency clinic to our facility at Lake Lawn Metairie. No appointment is necessary as a Heaven’s Pets employee is always available 24 hours a day through our on call care. Simply call 504-482-7387 and we will be there for you.

Transportation of your pet from your Veterinarian or Emergency Clinic:


  • There is no charge to transport your beloved pet to and from your veterinarian or emergency clinic within 75 miles of Heaven’s Pets at Lake Lawn Metairie.

  • We make every effort to service Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Please call or email us for a quote on your transportation if your clinic is outside of our 75 mile radius.

Transportation of your pet from your home During business hours:

  • $50.00 charge for one Heaven’s Pet employee.

  • $75.00 charge for two Heaven’s Pet employees.

Transportation of your pet After business hours:

  • $150 charge to receive from your home, veterinarian, emergency clinic or meet us at our facility after business hours and holidays.

All transportation and emergency fees are in addition to the price of cremation. There is no charge to receive your pet’s cremated remains from Heaven’s Pets or have them returned to your clinic.