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Blue Booth

Blue, our funny, loving bunny passed away at age eleven plus years. He leaves behind his bonded mate, Josie, and a house stilled by his absence. The remaining five Booth Bunnies had just lost their elder rabbit RB (12 plus years) a month ago and now Blue is gone. How quiet a home can be when just one family bunny is missing. As all Booth Bunnies are, Blue, was rescued and immediately bonded with Josie. They have lived together for the last eleven years. He brought such laughter to all of us, everything was of interest to him especially humans. He would run up to you and stop immediately in front of you and watch you sway as you tried to regain your balance. This for some reason amused him. Blue you are loved and our hearts are broken. You are free now to rejoin the other Booth Bunnies. We will meet again.

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