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Boston Brunswick Beauregard Kunkel

Boston entered his eternal rest on January 1, 2008 beside his loving family, Leslie, Keith, Ryan & Katie Kunkel. His ailments all have been cured and he is at peace. He runs with his Pals Copper, Ruffles and Tucker whom he followed to the meadow at the Rainbow Bridge. He was a loving son, brother, companion and friend. Boston became a part of the family before many of us were here. His love was unconditional, a simple look with his BIG brown eyes said I LOVE YOU every day. He enjoyed food, a pat on the head, a rub on the belly or a kiss on the head at bedtime. He was not a pet but a member of the family. He was there when Leslie & Keith came home as man and wife, he named his brother and loved his sister. Boston was faithful and true to us all. He loved his grand-parents and he showed it with his loud boasts of Beagle barking upon their arrival. He will be missed but we will remember his beautiful eyes, his silly smile and his begging anytime food was around. We look for you daily: waiting to hear the patter of your paws, the shake of your collar, your snore when you were sleeping, and the scratch on the door when you needed to go out or come in. We do not say goodbye only hello when we become a family again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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