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Spike Chambliss

Came Into My Life: May 29, 2018 | Passed: June 28, 2020

IN LOVING MEMORY OF Spike ” My little Man” Chambliss

You came into my life two years ago. I lost you as suddenly as the day you came in my life and I am heart broken.
You were found on the street with a lot of health issues because of your age but I hope the last two years of your life you found security, peace and love. It’s just been a few days and missing your presence I can still smell and hear your barks. I visualize you walking up and down the hallway. I know the last few hours were hard for you and I had know idea you would leave me so suddenly. People say he is no longer suffering but right now that fact is not helping my pain of losing you. Hopefully in time I will stop crying and find peace in that part of my heart that will allow me to not hurt as much when I think of you. I hope writing your obituary is a start at healing. You were a sweetheart. I will never forget you.

Already missed by your fury adopted sister and brother, Dakota, Missy and most of all me. Until we meet again.
I Love You.

—Chambliss Family

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