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Chester Markey

How do you say goodbye to your friend, protector and constant companion? I don’t believe we ever will. For now we will just say farewell, until we meet again. Our lives have been richer, happier and certainly more blessed because we shared them with Chester.

He came to be with us by chance. We didn’t know what we were in for! He trained us to give him a treat every time he came inside (and he only went outside to do his business!). He trained us to go to bed at the same time every night (and he certainly let us know if we were late!). He trained us to walk him without a leash (no leashes for the king of this castle!). He trained us to never leave each other alone at night (we must all head to the bedroom at the exact same time, or he would impatiently wait on the landing!). He loved to play hide and go seek with his ears perked up, listening for any sound of movement to find his dad who was strategically hiding somewhere in the house.

He would sit on the stairs and stare out the front door waiting for us to come home. He wouldn’t move until he got his “staircase lovin” when you arrived home.

He didn’t get much “people” food but he LOVED eggs and popcorn. We always made extra eggs for Chester and when dad made popcorn, Chester would sit with him by the popcorn machine and wag his tail furiously in anticipation. As soon as dad had his bowl full and was seated in the recliner…one bite for dad, one bite for Chester, one bite for dad, one bite for Chester… and so it would go until the bowl was empty.

There are so many memories that we will forever hold in our hearts. We miss you terribly, Ches. Enjoy your wings! We love you!

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