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Dexter Staub


In loving memory of Dexter
June 7, 2002 – August 28, 2015

From the moment this small black puppy crawled all over Collin’s still one-year old lap at the then home of our friends Stephen and Katie, we knew that Dexter would be a very special part of our family. Born into a famly of eleven of parents Buck and Shadow, Dexter stood out from the rest and we loved him at first sight. A few learning “accidents” when he first came to our home brought him to the brink of expulsion, but he must have sensed this because he corrected his behavior and became the most incredibly loyal companion we could ever hope for.

From early puppyhood, he exhibited an almost pathological fear of many things, but especially thunderstorms. Not a good thing for a dog growing up in New Orleans. Dexter never shared his breed’s typical love of water or hunting; in fact, he loathed both, though he was always willing to dash out the door to chase some much smaller poor defenseless creature such as a squirrel or small cat. Remarkably, he always knew that our cats were part of the family too, and he not only tolerated them, he let them lay beside him and sometimes even clean him. Alex taught him a few tricks as he grew older, especially the infamous “bang-bang” trick for which Dexter was known to play dead in exchange for the belly rubs that he loved all of his life. Dexter was always one to beg for table scraps and he had his share of incidents such as swallowing a whole crawfish or a corn cob, which brought him to the doggie equivalent of ER. Dexter was the only animal to come with us when we decided to leave for Hurricane Katrina and he protected us in our temporary homes in San Antonio, Houston and Lake Charles while we waited for the effects of the storm to reside.

For thirteen years, Dexter stole our hearts by bringing unconditional love and joy to our home. Dexter was a one-of-a-kind puppy. He was a protector, playmate, friend, and loyal companion.  He was very smart and extremely affectionate. He had a special and unique personality that brought happiness to all our friends and family. We have been so blessed to have shared his life with him. He will be truly missed but never forgotten. Our memories of him will last forever. Until we meet again, Dexter; we love you.

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