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Mr. Cliff Goldberg

In Loving Memory of Mr. Cliff – December 2020.

My beautiful Mr. Cliff. I will never forget the moment I met your kind, gentle soul. When your glowing caramel eyes lovingly gazed into mine, my spirit knew instantly that fate had brought us together. From a medical standpoint, your little body was so sick and the odds were clearly against you—I knew that if I adopted you, there would be so many challenges ahead. But your beautiful soul had already captured my heart. Once I adopted you, we became inseparable—with marathon cuddle sessions every day. And when I took you on your daily doggie strolls, where you would sit so regally in your buggy, I couldn’t help noticing the joy and smiles you brought to all who crossed your path. I would even lovingly say to them that you were my King and that I was your proud servant. In actuality, you were one of God’s four-legged furry Angels sent to this earth to help me grow spiritually. Your gentle, affectionate soul taught me that authentic love requires risks and courage. My beautiful Mr. Cliff, despite my fears, you inspired me to take a courageous risk in adopting you; and when God decided, barely six months later, that it was time for you to transition back to the spiritual world, a big portion of my heart was painfully ripped from my being—I did not want to let you go. But having you in my life and being in the midst of your beautiful presence – as well as taking care of you even with the fears, the uncertainties and the profound heartache—was an incredible honor. If I could, I would embrace you in my life all over again. Love transcends all realms and my love for you will forever be eternal. Rest in Heaven my beautiful Mr. Cliff.

Ruth Goldberg

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