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Muffin Peats

October 14, 2016 to May 4, 2019

We only had our precious Muffin for a few short years. He was the most loyal, loving, beautiful dog you would ever want to know. Such a small bundle of love, only 10 pounds, but had love like 5,000 pounds. He loved everyone he met and was always with us wherever we would go.

He found me one night in October and I have never been the same since. We bonded instantly and loved each other from the start. Muffin was very loving and always greeted us with unconditional LOVE! He was such a small, tender dog and loved to be out playing in the back yard. He would run around in circles and yep at me, always wanting to play. He bonded closely with our neighbor and was always pulling me over to visit on his front porch….he loved sitting outside and watching the neighborhood. He also loved to play with the neighbor dog, Scottie. I think Muffin was the only dog Scottie would play with. Muffin would always bug Scottie to play.

Muffin would always want to “Walk” or “Go for a Ride”. He went on trips with us everywhere and rode in my lap most of the way. He loved being with me where ever I would go. He was such a loving gentle dog and I will really truly miss him! “We love you Muffin” and we will see you in Heaven, for I know you will be there!

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