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Raven Katrina Calamia

In Loving Memory of Raven Katrina Calamia
By: Rick Calamia, Jr.

After a couple of weeks of slowly losing her appetite (and weight) followed by a couple of days of beginning to lose her strength, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Raven with her friend and long-time veterinarian, Dr. Joe Dalgo, Jr., M.T., D.V.M.

The day before her appointment, however, her condition worsened and Raven endured a long painful evening of suffering. I rushed her to the emergency room. The results of her bloodwork indicated that Raven was suffering from Anemia (hypovolemic shock), and would need an immediate blood transfusion. Dr. Valerie Wilson, D.V.M.—a very experienced and caring veterinarian—performed CPR, intense shock hydrating through an I.V., and multiple injections of life sustaining drugs, as we waited for the blood to be delivered to the hospital. But my little angel could not go anymore and she decided to leave.

It was a very sad night indeed—Raven was at the top of the list for the sweetest kitty I’ve ever had (and I’ve had plenty!).

I want to sincerely thank Deya Rairan at Heaven’s Pets who is an angel herself for everything she did to help me through this difficult time.

I love Raven and miss her so much it hurts like a human left my life.

Raven Katrina Calamia
10/31/05 – 09/10/14

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