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RB Booth

If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven And bring you home again. ~Author Unknown

RB Booth

Our beautiful RB has left us, in leaving she has left our hearts exposed. The last 12-13 years she has brought us joy beyond words. RB never met a person who did not interest her, she never turned down a chance to travel out of her home and educate everyone about rabbits. I can still hear children in schools calling “bye RB” “come back soon Miss RB” in only the way young ones can speak to a rabbit as if they are old friends. She loved to ride in the car and peer out the window at people who often waved at her. Like all her siblings at home RB was a street rabbit when I rescued her. She immediately fit into the family and would lie with her Dad at night and watch TV. If she did not like the show he watched she would turn her back to the TV but still lay beside him to receive massages. The love she brought us cannot be put into words, it is something that is felt deep inside one’s RB had a great sense of humor, she ran to get a drink and race back and shake her head and spray the unsuspecting person with water. Those are the things that I swear brought a smile to her face. We miss you Princess Paws.

Love, Bill and June Booth

Hugs, Josie, Blue, Molly, Spotty and Yukie Booth

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