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Tio Kovata-Voorhies

Tio Kovata-Voorhies crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 30, 2010 at approximately 5:45 P.M. Tio is now with his older brother and friend, Orlando Voorhies-Kovata. Tio is sorely missed by his earthly family, which consists of his masters, Jimmy and Paul, and his younger brother, Gonzo.

Tio was the sweetest, dearest, and most affectionate feline even known by either of his masters. Tio joined his masters and older brother, Orlando, in 1992. Initially, Tio joined the family as a foster feline while his second master, Robin, temporarily lived with her soon-to-be-in-laws, who were allergic to him. As luck would have it, Tio became a permanent member of the family. (Tio’s first master was mean and abusive, and Robin rescued Tio her. Tio was always thankful to Robin for rescuing him.)

Unlike many felines, Tio eschewed snobbery and attitude. Tio never pretended to be anything that he was not. Tio was simply himself, i.e., sweet, beautiful, and endearing.

However, Tio did have some of his own special traits. For example, Tio would reach for the doorknob in the event a door blocked his passage. He was also very predictable. For example, every morning, he greeted Jimmy and Paul with a “hello.” Tio did so up until the very last day of his earthly existence.

As a younger cat, Tio was also large and statuesque. Weighing approximately 15 pounds in his prime, Tio knew how to strike a pose, whether he sat on a particular bookshelf or on a counter top near a sink. In fact, Tio’s masters sometimes called him “statue.”

Having been abused as a kitten, Tio was a very peace-loving cat. Tio did not like to fight, even in a playful manner. Thus, the addition of Gonzo to the family in April 2001 resulted in home-life upheaval for Tio. As time passed, Gonzo’s love of playful pugilism subsided, as did Tio’s fear of violence.

No one misconstrued Tio’s dislike of violence as evidence of lack of strength of character. Tio had tremendous strength of character and bravely struggled as he aged, became ill, and battled illness.

Tio is most certainly lounging around with his brother Orlando, and they are both happy to be with one another in that land of always-fresh catnip.

Tio’s earthly family will always remember, love, and cherish him.

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