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Trixie Martini

Born April 5,1995
Died November 12,2009

Our sweet dearest Trixie. We can’t believe we are at this point in time after all of these years. I know we made the right decision. You were
In such pain and now you are probably running around up there using those little legs that have not been used in a long time. I know it
Feels great to walk and run now. I bet you are chasing your little cow or that baby snoopy you enjoyed so very much.

We will not remember the hard times, but the joyful times when you were so full of life, with your sparkling eyes and that smile you had on
Your face, especially when you wanted our food, playing fetch, and when PaPa walked in the door from work, oh how you showed your
Love for him. I thought those kisses would never end.

You were the best Pomeranian who brought us the greatest joy over the past 14 years. I know we will all get through our pain over time.
Thank you, Trixie, for bringing us such happiness. We love and miss you and I know we will see you again some day.

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy, PaPa , Mimi, Nina, Ashley, Carly, and Josh.

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