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Vinnie Valenti

Vinnie was one of 5 Doberman littermates dumped by a backyard breeder at a local kill shelter. Vinnie was the smallest of his brothers and without protection of any vaccinations – he became very ill with the Parvo Virus only days after we pulled them from the shelter. Vinnie survived Parvo only to become ill with several other life threatening illnesses associated with the ravaging effects of the parvo virus. Vinnie won many battles but eventually lost the war. He was less than 5 months old when he died and he had been very ill for almost half of his short life. Vinnie is the face of the tragic circumstances in our nation with regard to the over breeding of pure bred pets. It saddens us to see the daily deluge of pure bred puppies for sale in our local papers each and every day. How can people be so unaware of the plight of innocent puppies such as Vinnie? If you breed, do you properly vaccinate your puppies? Do you do a home check and a vet check before you place them? Do you sign a contract with the new owner of your puppies to take them back if ever they are no longer wanted? You say and think you find good homes for all of your puppies – but do you really check the homes out? If you say no to even one of these questions – how can you breed when you look into the compelling eyes of this innocent pup who suffered so much because someone didn’t care. Please care. Spay and neuter your pets. Vinnie was loved by his foster family. He was a sweet puppy who touched our lives in an enormous way. We will never forget him. He is buried with our family pets. Vinnie, we promise to continue to fight for puppies like you.

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