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Veterinarian examining large dog. While many veterinarians were not affected by the 2012 Pet Stop scandal, it did show what could happen when an innocent party trusts the wrong pet crematory provider. Not all pet cremation businesses are the same, much less represent what they claim to be.

Your client has entrusted you with the care of their beloved pet during their life and looks to you for advice when it comes to caring for them after they pass. Since the pet cremation business is currently not regulated, you should recommend the pet cremation center with the highest standards, practices and processes to ensure that their beloved pet is treated with dignity and respect. After all, your recommendation of a pet cremation center is one of the last impressions your client may remember. It is important to choose a pet cremation center that has the same integrity and standards as your veterinary practice.

When choosing a pet cremation and bereavement center as your partner, there are several things you and your staff should ask and be looking for.

  • Does your provider offer full death care services including private pet cremations, urns, keepsakes, permanent memorialization and complimentary grief support?
  • Does your provider have PLPA Certified Pet Cremation Specialists who work with your clients?
  • Is anyone allowed to inspect the facility and their processes without an appointment?
  • Do they come immediately when I have a client in need?
  • If my client chooses Private cremation, can they guarantee that the pet will placed ALONE in the cremation chamber and cremated alone?
  • Can they guarantee that my clients pet will be returned within 3 business days, if not sooner, upon confirmation of information?
  • Do they provide a tracking, logging and identification system to ensure my client receives their pet back?
  • If my client chooses a communal cremation, can they guarantee that the pet will not be mass incinerated or sent to a landfill?
  • What happens to the communal pet cremated remains? If they are respectfully scattered, may I visit the location?
  • Do they answer and return calls within 30 minutes, 24hours a day?
  • Do they pickup from my office or client’s home after regular business hours without advanced notice or an appointment?
  • Are all of their services provided in one location and pets are not transported to a separate location?
  • Do they provide free training and tours for me and my staff?
  • Is the staff professional, caring and attentive to my needs and questions and those of my clients?
  • Is the pet crematory clean and well maintained?
  • Do they guarantee their services in writing?

We can take care of your Code 19s, strays and good Samaritan pets!

Heaven’s Pets has always offered care for Code 19’s, strays and Good Samaritan pets directly to the Veterinary Clinics. There is no minimum weight for us to pickup and there is no extra charge for us to pickup from the Clinic. All of the cremated remains are spread in our Memorial Garden, giving your client a serene and peaceful location to come and visit their loved one. Please call our office at 504-482-7387 for details.

What do we do if we euthanize a pet or take a deceased pet into our care?

Click here to notify us that you have a pickup. You will be placed on our next available route and picked up within 24-48 hours. Once in our care, we will call the owner to go over the information and to proceed with the cremation unless otherwise noted by your office.

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