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Bo Stewart

“Bo Bo My Morsel Man”

SEPTEMBER 29, 1995 – AUGUST 29, 2010

Bo died in his mother’s arms at home Sunday afternoon August 29th at 3pm. He had been fighting cancer and kidney disease for the past year. Bo was born in Boise Idaho and lived in Metairie LA for the past 12 years. Bo has 3 brothers; Trevor 12 years old and Sammy & Grayson 2 years old. He was so very loved by his mother Aubrey Stewart, his father Tommy Fasola, Uncle Landon, Aunt Shon, and his grandparents Lynn & Rick Stewart.

I will never forget the day when I went to the animal shelter to pick out a baby kitten. I remember walking into this big room full of kennels with wall to wall cats standing there in awe not knowing where I was going to start. As I walked into the room out of no were was this little tiny paw hooked to the shoulder of my tee-shirt. As I turned to look what it was I saw barely 8 week old Bo staring at me with those big blue eyes and his little wobbly body hooked to me. And that was it for me. This barely 2 pound baby had my heart at first touch. When I got Bo home I took him to my family Veterinarian Dr. Beede to have him checked out to make sure everything was on the up and up. Dr. Beede came into the room looked at Bo and then looked at me and said, “Aubrey do you know what you have here?” I looked at Dr. Beede and said, “yeah a baby kitten.” Dr. Beede said, “No no he’s a Tortishell Tabby/Maine Coon. He’s going to be a BIG boy!” I laughed as I thought to myself, “Wow I’ve never heard of that. I’ll ask mom about it when I get home.” Well Dr. Beede was right; Bo did grow up to be a Big Boy. He was 19.9 lbs. his whole adult life up until the time he got sick.

Bo touched the lives of everyone around him including family, friends, and strangers. He traveled around the world with his mom. I took him everywhere with me, as far north as Anchorage Alaska, from the west coast to the east coast and everything in between. I think that baby had more frequent flyer miles than mom and he loved every bit of it.

Bo was never your typical house cat. He was so very smart and has a personality that would knock your socks off. He was truly one of a kind and he knew it. He will be forever loved and in our hearts. We love you Bo and you will be so very missed morsel man. LOVE MOM

I also want to give a very special thank you to Bo’s Veterinarian, Dr. Richard Bischofhausen (Dr. B), his Vet Tech. Stephanie and all the staff from 183 Animal Hospital and the VCA Metroplex in Irving TX. Dr. B. thank you for all the love and support you gave Bo this last year. You will always be Bo’s guardian angel and in our hearts. I also want to thank Bo’s Oncologist Dr. Sheryl Harris in North Dallas TX. And all the Dr.’s here in New Orleans LA.

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