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Luke Vincent

In loving memory of Luke Vincent, Our good fine boy …

imageLuke Vincent was born on January 1, 2002 to the humblest of beginnings on the mean streets of New Orleans. He chose Captain Dave and Nancy to be his people on February 15, 2002, and they were honored to be his choice. Luke was preceded in death by both of his grandmothers, Evelyn and Nancy Ann, who both delighted in his presence and doted on him endlessly.

Luke has always shared a lively wanderlust with the Vincents and never said no to an adventure—especially a beach, lake, or bayou trip. His swimming skills were second to none, even as his running became a little less graceful and swift in his later years. He has been on some wonderful vacations and road trips, and has visited 23 states.

Luke evacuated with Captain Dave, A/B Nancy, and the crew of the Louisiana Responder to escape Katrina. He was loved as a crew member and personally responded to several fire and intruder alarms on the vessel in the middle of the night over the years. He protected his fellow sailors with his bravery and camaraderie before, during, and after “the storm.” He once held off an entire battalion of Confederate re-enactors at Fort Jackson who had become lost and were marching toward his boat.

Luke’s bravery was also quite evident in his skillful hunting. Some folks say he took out two muskrats and a nutria. He and his canine friend, Sebastian also brought home a very elderly toothless squirrel which may or may not have died of old age and have fallen out of a tree. Luke felt he was a mighty possum killer but alas, it seems many of his victims were just playing. In truth, Luke was loved by many, and feared by none. He did have a passion for chasing seabirds unsuccessfully on the beach.

Luke was resourceful, as well. He once brought home a large, intact pack of frozen pork chops. They were eventually grilled for Luke and his friend, Zoe. The Vincents never found out where Luke bought the chops. Or pilfered them.

Luke loved Empire, and Poplarville, Mississippi and Marietta, Georgia, and the people in each place. He was crazy about his home near Shreveport, especially his next door neighbors there. Some of his favorite places included South Padre Island, Ruidosa in New Mexico, Key West, the Great Sands National Monument, sponge diving in Tarpon Springs, an especially the beach at Bay St. Louis. He has loved living back in NOLA and has bonded very well with our neighbors here, especially Don, who has been a friend to him and who is a great giver of gifts to his “nephew.” He was also adored around Atlanta, Chicago and in St. Louis by treasured loved ones, as well as in California, Arkansas, Texas, Washington and Alaska.

Luke loved life. Luke loved life a lot. He was crazy about smorgasbords, Mardi Gras parades, boats, fresh shrimp and Blue Bell ice cream. He was also very fond of his great grandfather Emile,chicken and rice casserole, string cheese, an ear or belly rub, oatmeal cookies, and wlaking around the French Quarter in cool weather. H loved a nap on his comfy feather bed and he liked to roll in the slimy stinky ice that fresh redfish had been chilled in after having been caught. He liked trips to Sonic for soft-serve, exploring Lake Lanier, and visiting Houma. He had an especially wonderful trip to the Highlands in North Carolina. He preferred chicken and turkey over T-Bones, but he loved to bury a bone, unless some watched. He hated that, and he disliked fireworks.

He was always forgiving and never let his people be said or lonely for long.

Luke was a wonderful teacher. His specialities were compassion, calm in calamity, and the art of aging gracefully. He was a powerful source of comfort to the sick and was a tender caregiver. He was steadfastly loved and cared for with a healthy dose of ridiculous devotion. Nancy will tell you Dave spoiled that dog, and Dave will tell you that Nancy spoiled the dog, but honestly, words can never express the depths of our grief or the gratitude that we feel for the privilege of being his people.

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