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Satchmo Nobles

In Loving Memory
Satchmo Nobles

Satchy –

Mere words cannot possibly describe our feeling of loss since you’ve been gone. Our home was once warm and vibrant, perfectly accented by your wagging tail, and drooling mouth. Now, only shadows of our happiness remain. There are reminders of you in every room. Each reminder is bittersweet because it brings with it both the joys of remembrance, and the perils of loss. It’s a struggle. As painful as it is, if we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Our lives changed instantly the moment you came into it. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like you were the final pieces to a puzzle that was a portrait of our happy little family. You instantly became our identity. Every time we would strike up a conversation with our family or friends, it wouldn’t be long before the obligatory, “How’s Satchmo doing?” was asked. You became such a huge part of our lives. You made us smile everyday. No matter how bad of a day we were having, your enthusiastic reminder of an overdue walk was all that was needed to melt our troubles away.

For 13 wonderful years, you were our “Normal”. By that I mean, you became so much a part of our lives, having you around became necessity. To us, it was as natural as breathing. I guess it was fate that we found each other. As you grew, we nourished each other. We nourished you by giving you all the food, water, snacks, and belly rubs you could stand, and you nourished our very souls with your unconditional love. Every spare moment of every day, was spent thinking of you. I loved how dedicated you were to us. If your Mom was in the kitchen, and I in the
bedroom, you’d lay in the doorway, swearing your allegiance to us both equally.

We were so proud of you Satchmo. I’ll never forget how brave you were after your diagnosis. Your Mom and I struggled with the normal questions that arise when your a pet is stricken with such an ailment. But, when we got you home after your first surgery, you went straight to your customary position on side of our bed, and did your stretching ritual. That act of normalcy put our minds at ease. After that, we were given a gift of two extra years with you.Even in your last days, though struggling to breathe, you played with your favorite toy. It’s like you were trying to tell us that everything was going to be alright.

We’re completely lost without you. You’ve always been like our little compass. Whenever we felt confused or misguided, a quick visit from you always seemed to point us in the right direction. It’s difficult trying to navigate through life without your compass. Just as many turns and forks in the road, but without you. Just lost. We’re told that things will Get better, and that everyday brings more relief. But when? I know we’ll meet again, and that will be truly be a joyous occasion. Until then, I give you a kiss on the forehead, and a simple whisper of “Go Catch a Rabbit!”

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