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Pet Memorial

Angel 2003-2015 She was one of the most beloved pet. She not only had one family but two. Angel start out being my baby, I would take her to my parent’s house doing the day and pick her up after work. This arrangement was great she had the best of both worlds. Until my parents sold their house and was moving to Mississippi. My Mom was so heartbroken about leaving her and moving. So, I told her to being her to Mississippi and I would get her later. Well later never came, she was so happy living by a lake and barking at the ducks I didn’t have the heart to being her back to being alone doing the day. So I gave her to my parents and they spoiled her. She was the boss of the house and only at 5 pounds she ruled the roust. My Mom past before Angel So I know she is in good hands after she pasted. We all miss her a lot. Love from your family Cassanova’s

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