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Bede Popularas


IN LOVING MEMORY OF Bedebe “Bede” Popularas

Alpha: September 28, 2006 / Omega: September 30, 2022

Bede came into our lives with love ready to give at just a few months old. She was a very loving little girl always ready to greet everyone who came through our doors – everyone knew her by name and she loved to hear her name called out. Our hearts will forever be broken from this totally loss of our sweet little queen.

Bede was her dad little girl who did nothing wrong in his eyesight they did everything together from taken walks together, sitting on the patio watching a baseball game, talking with others who came to visit, to just a simple trip to the location hardware store or sometime just taking a ride in the truck were she was allowed to run back and forth from seat to seat looking out the window letting the wind blow in her face which she really enjoyed and Daddy would always protect her from a little timeout for doing wrong.

Bede would always know when there was doctor visit time coming up she was always listen to our conversion on her MD visits that we kept written as a reminder on calendar. When we would be getting ready to leave for her MD visit as we get into the car ready to pull off Bede would pay close attention to the direction that we would be driving because she knew the direction of the clinic from there she would look up at us and she would actually start to whining looking so sad and trying to get to the back seat to hide.

We can still see our little queen standing at the door waiting on us just to arrive home from either an outing or from working, ready to run out and jump on us so that we can to pick her up to allow her to give us a kiss of pure joy to see you.

Bede daddy, momma and the rest of the family shall truly miss you our little queen – rest in peace, you were a constant loyal and devoted true companion to our family.

Love you always our little queen
Daddy and Momma