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Monroe Berard


In loving memory of Monroe Berard

I don’t even know how to begin to write your obituary.

The hurt and the pain is unbearable but writing this makes it real. If my love could’ have saved you you would still be here. The day I got you and your brother Btees I got a two for one special although I paid for both of you. You were my bonus pup. I wasn’t looking for one pup much less two. I saw a sign and a lady on the side of the road at a gas station with cages and a sign that I thought said miniature monkeys. Not liking monkeys I stopped anyway because I was curious. The sign actually said miniature Morkies.. I walked up to the cage and there you were jumping on all the other pups and you were demanding my attention. I remember picking you up and knowing that you were going to be a handful but you kept licking my face. I would put you down and you kept barking for me to pick you up again .

With seven in the litter you were the smallest one but the sassiest one but with the biggest attitude and personality for sure. You also kept trying to play with only Brees. You and Brees had an instant bond. I knew that I couldn’t separate the two of you it was almost like you and Brees were a package deal from the start. You were the strong one. The stubborn one. The sassy one. While Brees was a quiet and meek one. You were the voice for the both of you. You loved him so much . He was like your living play toy. He adored you as well. God does everything for a reason and I didn’t get you by coincidence. God knew that I needed you more than you needed me. You taught me so much, Monroe. Like patience because you tested it daily. Unconditional love. Loyalty. And most of all fight.

Your spleen ruptured and you were given a 10% chance to make it after surgery. I knew the risks but I wanted to save you. You had saved me years earlier. In pure Monroe fashion you showed them you’re not going to live or die by somebody else’s standard. After surgery your doctor told me that she was almost sure that you had a very fast spreading cancer. I immediately wanted to find a solution to get you fixed. I asked if we could do chemo? She said let’s just try to make it through surgery and the weeks after. Not thinking you would make it she told me just spend as much time with her as you can. Post surgery in your two week appointment when it was time to remove staples, the terrible news was confirmed. It was indeed cancer and the awful one. I again asked if we could do chemo? . At this point your doctor agreed since she saw the fight you had put up to live. You are not giving up and neither are we. This aggressive form of cancer is trying to defeat you. it’s hard on the healthy dog and usually last about 60 days. Again you showed everyone. We were in chemo number four and you were showing no signs of distress. Chemo is horrible in a human just think on a pup they can’t speak to you or tell you if they were hurt or in pain. You were a champ a true fighter. I got you an extra six months and that six months you were more spoiled. You didn’t know you had feet. You were always in my arms.. ‘’

I would do it all again even with the same outcome. your body was weak but your mind and your heart wasn’t I’m thankful for your amazing doctor. There are not many doctors as compassionate and loving and doing everything in their power to make sure that you have the best chances of success. You owned the room wherever you went you stole the hearts of everyone. Mama’s princess , our hearts are broken and my house is not the same without. you. Your brother is sick and struggling; he’s missing his best friend, his sidekick, and most of all his voice. The void in our heart is beyond repair. Just know you were our world; no one will ever replace you. There will never be another Monroe. The love you had for me and the love I had for you will never compare to another one. You adored me and I adored you. They say time heals all wounds and I literally hope so because my heart feels like it’s physically broken.

Lastly I wanna give a huge thank you to Dr. Emelie McLellan and the entire staff at Sherwood South veterinary clinic in Baton Rouge Louisiana. You guys are truly heroes to us. Thank you for loving Monroe as much as you did and thank you for always taking the time with me and being so patient with her. I had 1 million questions. I trusted no one with my princess but when I left here with you on chemo days I knew if something happened, she was in the best hands. You had saved her once and I know you would do everything in your power to do it again. The love and care you showed Monroe was a true testament to the AMAZING doctor you are. It took years to find a vet that was as compassionate as you . You researched her case and gave her the best care; you wanted the best chance of success for her. I can’t say thank you enough. I’m glad you guys loved my princess as much as I did.

Monroe, you were always Momma’s favorite HELLO and definitely mama’s hardest GOODBYE. I will love you forever. Rest easy, my baby girl. I can’t wait for the day that I can hold you in my arms again, to love and kiss on you. I know that you are THE BOSS up there in heaven. I hope Harley and Lucky were there waiting for you. Watch over Brees and I … WE will never forget you. I will never stop talking about you. We will definitely keep your memory alive. Hold down Heaven until Brees and I are with you, my Princess.

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