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Budsy and Lou Lou


Pet Memorial

Branson and Lucy Branson Lewis “Budsy” August 27, 2005 –  May 25, 2014 Lucy “Lou Lou” Jan 13, 2006 – Jan 30, 2015   Our sweet boxer babies crossed the rainbow bridge 8 months apart. It was hard losing them both so close together. They weren’t just our pets, they were a huge part of our family. They were a match made in heaven and always together. They loved one another as much as we loved them. Branson was such a playful little guy who loved playing fetch and rough housing. My fondest memory of him was when he was sick as a pup and needed pepto and he spit it at me and had a pink beard running down his face. He loved trying to find us when we would hide under blankets. He would try to dig us out. Lucy was a very loyal, protective but yet super sweet girl. She was always by one of our sides. I never had a dog that would take commands as well as she did. She stole everyone’s hearts that met her. She loved sitting outside with me waiting for her big sister to get off the bus. She never left my side to try to run for the other kids. She would patiently wait sitting right next to me until her sister came up the driveway. That’s the one memory I have of her that I will cherish always. We miss them both dearly to this very day. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France        The Rodriguez Family

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