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Daisy Melius


Pet Memorial

Daisy Melius Never to be Forgotten Daisy Melius 2004 – 2016 Daisy spent the first four years of her life in a Tennessee puppymill where she was callously known as a number. “8” was tattooed in her left ear. Located through in 2008, we rescued 4 year old Daisy in honor of our two Maltese, Chip and Mika, who had died in August and September. Daisy arrived at MSY on Halloween night. She was frightened, thin and had a mouth full of rotten teeth. Socialization took awhile, but she had help from her trainer (Elizabeth Schonberg), canine brothers (Wilson and Zeus), pet parents (Jennifer and Brian), and the employees of Heaven’s Pets at Lake Lawn Metairie where she was a greeter until June 2013. Lovingly known as “Di Di Baby,” Daisy blossomed. She was sweet, loved having her belly rubbed and showed her love by sneaking kisses onto the back of your leg or an extended hand. Daisy was her mom’s shadow and followed her everywhere. Her rescued golden retriever brother, Zeus was her second choice for companionship. Much to the dismay of Zeus, she wanted to snuggle as close as possible to him. Thank you Zeus for being such a tolerant big brother! Daisy went to Heaven on December 18, 2016 while in the arms of her mother. The last eight years of her life were filled with the love and tender loving care that all pets deserve throughout their lifetime. Never to be forgotten, Daisy’s life will be honored through rescuing another in her honor!

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