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Lilly Roget Blaine


My loving and sweet little girl. You chose me when you were only 5 weeks old. Before I saw you in person, I knew that you or one of your 8 littermates of Westies would be mine because of your June 10th birthday. When I went to the breeder to pick which puppy I wanted, you chose me by climbing up onto my foot and just sitting there. 5 weeks later when I went back to pick you up you immediately romped over to me. We bonded instantly. My mom wanted me to name my next pup after her and you were born on Roger’s birthday, so your name was a no brainer.
You wrapped me right around your tiny paw. The first night home I was determined you were going to start off being well trained and sleep in the new crate I had prepared for you, all comfy and secure. By 2 in the morning after hours of you singing like a coloratura, I gave in and brought you into bed where you slept curled up on my shoulder. You must’ve thought I was your Mama because you kept trying to nurse on my earlobe. Though you would obediently ‘go in your house’ whenever I said to during the day like when the doorbell rang, you never did spend even one night in that crate.

As time went on, I saw you were so very different from all my other dogs including 3 other Westies. You had such an unusual personality and were so much smarter than any puppy I’d ever known, learning everything so quickly. You hopped instead of walking or running when I called you. You had 2 large baskets full of dozens of toys on the floor and could differential to bring each one by name when I asked you to. You loved getting all dressed in your little outfits and coats, and ran to me eagerly when I’d say ‘come get your pretty on’.

But you didn’t like things that moved suddenly or were large and new in your space. You would bump the object with your nose then look at me and bark, look back at the object and bump it again. The rocking chair on the porch was a favorite for you to play with. You’d bump it to make rock, jump back and bump over and over again. The most amazing thing you ever did was when I was decorating a gigantic 12’ Christmas Tree when you were 6 months old. You were at my feet and the whole time, watching and going with me as I went from boxes of decorations back and forth to the tree. When I was done, I put a skirt under the tree and went on to something else. Suddenly you began to take your toys out of the basket and put them on the skirt under the tree! You did that with 9 different toys so it wasn’t just coincidence…. you actually were imitating my behavior. That was the smartest thing I’d ever known a puppy to do. You arranged your food in rows or piles on the floor after dumping the kibble out of the bowl. You loved to jump into the shower or follow me into the ocean or lake for a swim. You gave me and Alex countless smiles and happy days, traveling with me all over the country. You never begged or barked during human mealtime, and even sat next to me, so well behaved, at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant in Disney. You loved eating paper of all sorts and once took 4 one hundred dollar bills in an envelope from my purse and ate them!!!

You suffered so with your Westie skin allergies and spent so much time being treated, tested, poked, on meds and having your ears flushed by the vet. Yet you never once even growled or snapped at them despite the discomfort or pain. You’d just wag your tail. It was so sad you had to endure all that but it gives me comfort knowing you no longer have to.

You were my constant companion for 12 ½ years and even went to work with me. You were the most gentle, friendly and faithful soul, loving all creatures great and small, wagging your tail and wanting to play with everything from cats to birds…however, you did hunt and once eat a little lizard! I will love you and miss you forever my little girl Lilly. I hope you’re romping and hopping somewhere up there in the sunshine, playing in green fields with Heidi and Missy, eating all the meat and ice cream you want, and sleeping in the arms of the Angels. God rest your soul in peace until we meet again.