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Maggie Teich


Pet Memorial

Maggie Teich Maggie was a yellow Labrador Retriever. We think of her often particularly when coming home from work and school, we miss the love and affection she provided as soon as you walked through the door. The evening we lost her there was a beautiful rainbow over our home, so we know she is always looking over us. Maggie was incredibly devoted. She loved to lay by her mom in the garden in the sunshine and would follow you up and down the stairs endlessly so she could always be close to you. Maggie jumped into the pool any time she had a chance, just like Air Bud. Maggie was a rescue and in pretty poor shape when we adopted her. Through the love we shared, she soon became a healthy and active member of our family. She was selected as Queen of Barkus in 2012, and proudly reigned int he parade for many years.

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