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Melly Grace Booth


Our Melly died on Sunday December 6, 2009. This was a completely unexpected death and happened swiftly. She was only about four years old but she had a horrendous life before her rescue. This left her compromised but Melly never met a day she did not live to the fullest. Those wonderful ears, the honking she so enjoyed doing and her smile as you entered her room. Yes, her smile you could see it written all over her. She absolutely loved humans even after three years of neglect before her rescue; she once again had gained trust in humans. We were privileged to have her in our home; she gave and taught us so very much. Melly would say “never turn down a rescue rabbit, even a short time with love is better than none.” Bless you Melly we know you are heaven. We love you, Bill and June Booth Hugs, RB, Josie, Blue, Molly, Spotty and Yuki

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