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Muffy “doodle” Johnson-Dobard


Remembering Our “Muffy doodle”

Muffy “doodle” Johnson-Dobard was born January 2011, and entered eternal rest on February 27, 2023, with her loving family beside her. Danielle (mommy), Rafael Sr. & Trelvin Jr. (via facetime).

Mommy (Danielle) holding her as she took her last breath. Muffy was such an extremely intelligent girl she always seemed to know when you needed her. And no cage or gate could hold her down.

When we first adopted Muffy she was only 8 weeks old and very unsure of her new forever home. Maggie & Trelvin Jr. were so excited to welcome Muffy that they stayed up late that night just watching her and taking great care that all three of them fell asleep on the living room floor.

Muffy was an immediately fit into our family as if she was born just for us. Muffy made coming home for Maggie & Trelvin Jr. an unforgettable experience, on days I was off at work Muffy would almost watch the front door every minute for their return.

Muffy was a great swimmer we learned that she loved water. We learned this because there was a canal in the rear of our home at that time and Muffy would see birds flying overhead and she would take off swimming.

We guess she was trying to fly herself! You could imagine the first time this happened, we really thought we lost her but when she was done “flying high”! She swam back smelling horrible, but she came back lol!

Muffy was a very different she was a very picky eater she didn’t like her food too wet, and she loved her treats. Muffy also loved her toys especially her tennis balls not sure how that came about but she would pick up the ball or any of her toys and just sit and hold it for hours.

Muffy brought us so much joy and happiness throughout these years. Muffy was our doddle, our baby and we are truly going to miss her. Muffy gave us 12 years and honestly that still wasn’t enough time.

Muffy was proceeded in death by her grandmother Jackie Nicholas and grandfather’s Melvin Nicholas and Albert J Dobard Sr.

Muffy we will Love you forever & always,
Danielle, Rafael Sr. Trelvin Jr, Maggie, Rachel, RJ, Albert Jr, and Coco

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