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Rocky Danove Degan


Pet Memorial

Rocky Danove Degan Rocky was a gift from my brother and his family. At first ,I didn’t realize what a special gift he was!! I didn’t know I had that much love in my heart. Rocky was in charge! He had a great sense of humor. He loved his “Gramps”… he loved sleeping in my bed or should I say – his bed. I knew I was in trouble if I got a side glance from him. Rocky loved a party and he knew how to work a room. His favorite party was his annual Birthday Party. It was “the party “of the year. Everyone wanted to come. After Katrina we had his party in the lobby of the Embassy Suites in Baton Rouge!! the manager was very kind to let me do that!! There was never a dining room table he wouldn’t walk on. I miss my boy more than words can ever express. Did I mention Rocky was “in charge”