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Pet Memorial

Sammie Sammie was born on July 4th, 2001 and left this world on Good Friday 2016. He gave us almost 15 years of joy. My family all have German Shepherds, so when a toy yorkie was added to the family, everyone thought it was quite funny. If you know little dogs, they have the heart of a lion, so Sammie held his ground, eventually earning the name “Sammie the Bull”. When my only child went off to college, it was just me and my boy for 4 years. I thought I couldn’t get closer to him, but our bond grew more during these years. I had two dog beds in my room – one in a corner and one under my bed – yorkshire terriers like dark places – they were bred to tunnel out rates in Yorkshire, England. In the last year of Sammie’s life, I noticed a slower step, weaker eyes and just those signs that you know your pet is nearing the end. Time with Sammie became even more precious. I would get on the floor and get nose to nose with him and cuddle. Steps he used to handle now need the assistance of picking him up. The love of a pet adds years of joy and improved moods. I will always love my Sammie. His ashes and a clip of his hair is on the entrance table, along with his dog collar. We now have two beautiful puppies that joined the family in December, but there will never be another Sammie.

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