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What to do when a pet dies


Contact Heaven's Pets

Upon your pet's passing, call Heaven's Pets 24/7 at 504-482-7387 or ask your Veterinarian to do so, and we will send a Pet Loss Specialist to pick up your pet following our trustworthy, ethical and established process of over 15 years.

Select Your Cremation Service

You will have the option to select a Private Cremation, where you will receive their remains back, or a Communal Cremation, where their remains will be scattered at Heaven's Pets at Lake Lawn Cemetery.

Customize Your Cremation

Customize your cremation and memorialization of your pet by selecting from a wide variety of our memorial products including a Permanent Memorialization at Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery.

Bring Your Pet Home

If you choose to have a Private Cremation, our caring and compassionate Pet Loss Specialists will return your pet's cremains to you within 3 business days, following our strict and respectful code of ethics.

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